The ‘Prince’ behind THE CODE 20 Grand Prix Cocktails at PANDORE

Sleek hair, sleeve tattoos, clean shaven and a big dose of passion and confidence. Pierre-Olivier Prince is the man behind THE CODE 20 Montreal Grand Prix Cocktails at the infamous summer terrace of Pandore. He just came back from the Cannes Film Festival and he is giving us the scoop by confiding in us a few secrets on what makes his cocktails so damn good.

‘We don’t do mixology, we don’t infuse spirits, we don’t just come up with a cocktail menu; we create an experience! We constantly travel to see the trends, we look out for refreshing ingredients, we experiment, we choose carefully the garnishes and we aim to take the guests to a different mindset using all their senses!’

Pierre-Olivier Prince’s cocktail program is indeed intriguing. It consists of 10 signature cocktails that are inspired by the Italian Futurism movement. Founded in Milan by Filippo Marinetti in the late 1910s before the WWII, futurism was an avant-garde movement during which artists were expressing a passionate loathing to everything old and an urge towards modernity, speed and technology. Poetry, the predominate medium of Futurist literature, was characterized by its unexpected combinations of images, freedom of expression, diversity in style, precision and sophistication. Every THE CODE 20 Grand Prix cocktail at Pandore is named after selected futurism poems and has a reference to them, such as the ‘Monaco’ cocktail dedicated to the Princess of Monaco and inspired by Marinetti’s ‘Sea’ poem. Every cocktail is well balanced, not only sweet, by using exclusively in Quebec a highly –rated and privately imported Vermont from Italy. ‘Presentation is also very important’, says Pierre-Olivier Prince. The ‘Sharing is Caring’ impressive carafes, pitchers and punches are engraved by Montreal artists and served in old-fashioned or Marie-Antoinette glasses.

At last but not least, Pierre-Olivier Prince stresses out the ‘speed’ factor. ‘Client service is as important as the quality of my cocktails. If you order the most complicated cocktail or just a beer, my focus is getting it right to you in split seconds’.

We can’t wait to see him in action during the weekend of the Canadian Grand Prix and we are proud to offer to our guests the best cocktails in town!

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