Maison Henri Abelé, a 250-year old hand-crafted champagne from Reims, at THE CODE 20 x E! Mexico

Henri Abelé Champagne, official sponsor of The Code 20 x E! Entertainment Mexico GP Opening Party


Since 1757, Maison Henri Abelé’s approach has always been that of craftsmen; priding themselves on a job well done according to the highest standards. This boutique house champagne, locally born and bred in Reims, France, combines a profound respect for the region’s traditions with a constant commitment to innovation.

Maison Abelé has two kilometres of underground cellars dug out of solid chalk in the heart of Reims. Devotion to excellence is natural in these ancient vaulted cellars.

One of the primary characteristics of the Henri Abelé style has to do with its precision in wine production, and its choice in blending wines at their perfect maturity. The new winery and large collection of small vats allow the most suitable blends possible with a variety-by-variety and terroir-by- terroir vinification.

Although it is technically possible to bottle the wines as early as January, at Maison Henri Abelé, they prefer to keep working patiently on the blend until April, not bottling until June. The result is a vinification process which respects the crucial contribution of time.

Maison Henri Abelé has long been an official supplier to the royal courts of Europe (Belgium, Spain), and to this day remains the champagne of choice of the leading institutions of the French Republic, including the “Senat” and various embassies, counting 35 Michelin stars in many renowned restaurants.

Determined to make each “cuvée” unique, Maison Henri Abelé maintains a strict limit on the volume of wines produced (around 500,000 bottles a year).

We are delighted to welcome Maison Herni Abelé as our official champagne sponsor for THE CODE 20 x E! Entertainment Opening Grand Prix Party in Mexico City on October 28th and offer our F1 invited guests superb brut, “prestige cuvées” and vintage champagnes from France.

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