maestro dobel

Juan-Domingo ‘Dobel’ Beckmann, the 11th generation leader of the world’s most prominent-producing family, Jose Cuervo, has created MAESTRO DOBEL in 2008, the first-ever diamond tequila! Unlike any other aged tequila, MAESTRO DOBEL is a diamond-clear spirit – a result of proprietary blending and filtration technique.

MAESTRO DOBEL is is the first ever multi-aged clear tequila, a hand-blend of reposado, anejo and extra anejo tequilas, with the clarity, crispness and craftsmanship of a Diamond.

Juan Dobel first imagined this unique tequila brand that bears his name while working with his family’s distilling Maestros. Standing alone in the category, MAESTRO DOBEL is a luxurious silver tequila with the complexity of an aged, boasting a full-bodied palate, with bold notes of smoked wood and dried fruits. These flavors are carefully balanced by a light nutmeg spiciness and a sweet honey finish.

Juan Dobel’s dedication to providing the finest hand-crafted tequila extends to MAESTRO DOBEL’S meticulous packaging. Each limited edition imposing bottle is built on a thick metallic base and is emblazoned with a unique crystal-cut design. Each bottle is dilled and labeled by hand and then individually numbered. Unique for tequila, Dobel recognizes the ranch from which the 8-10 year-old agave was harvested.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with MAESTRO DOBEL, the world’s most exclusive and multi-award winning tequila. As the official sponsor of THE CODE 20 Opening Grand Prix Party in Mexico City on October 28th , MAESTRO DOBEL will be offered to our invited F1 guests.


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