FRENDS x DE GALLUCHAT headphones for THE CODE 20

We are excited to announce our collaboration with jewellery inspired FRENDS Headphones and De Galluchat, specialized in shagreen leather creations. The Code 20 commissioned De Galluchat to design exclusive gift collection on the occasion of GP Formula 1 in Sochi and Abu Dhabi. De Galluchat teamed up with FRENDS to create the limited edition headphones, exclusively for THE CODE 20. Frends Headphones has emerged as the “must have” accessory for any season. Adored worldwide for their jewellery inspired designs, materials, unique silhouettes, and warm sound, Frends is redefining the relationship between women and electronics. Their handcrafted, designer headphones with interchangeable caps allow you to beautifully connect to your phone or portable device, while keeping you on the fashion forefront.

Their design and craftsmanship are jewellery inspired, while the materials used are common to luxury goods, such as acetates, leathers, and precious metals. De Galluchat offers primarily one of the kind pieces, which carry a natural uniqueness of stingray leather, unparalleled craftsmanship and unaffected design. Since 2010, Parisian brand De Galluchat has developed a reputation for creating shagreen accessories and jewellery that represent French craftsmanship heritage and detail at its very best. De Galluchat is best known for its exquisite boxes and minaudieres. For the first time, Frends and De Galluchat are pleased to announce the presentation of The Code 20 limited edition collection, an innovative line of gold headphones covered with De Galluchat black shagreen, which seamlessly fuses timeless design, style and craftmanship with premium sound. FRENDS x DE GALLUCHAT for THE CODE 20 limited edition headphones can be found at the upcoming exclusive THE CODE 20 F1 parties in Sochi and Abu Dhabi.

Each product is made to order in Amsterdam, while the price ranges from €399- €699 per pair.

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

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